Fresno NEW Rental Housing Ordinance

Fresno just passed a new Rental Housing Ordinance.  All rental housing will be inspected in Fresno… Time TO SELL???? We pay Cash for Homes in FRESNO…   Read news here….

City of Fresno Suing Landlord – Fresno Landlord Lawsuit

City of Fresno is suing landlord for negligence. Fresno Landlord Lawsuit. If you are a struggling landlord and need to sell give us a call…. 559-540-7007. We pay cash for apartments, houses, condos, custom homes…. CALL 559-540-7007 CHeck out this video about the City Suing Landlord….. City of Fresno Suing Landlord

Fresno Substandard Housing Crisis

If you are a landlord suffering from owning Fresno Substandard Housing in the City of Fresno….. GIVE US A CALL… 559-540-7007. We are a professional Real Estate Company purchasing homes for cash in Fresno, Clovis, Selma, Kerman. WE BUY HOUSES IN FRESNO, CASH FOR HOUSE WITHIN 14 DAYS. We use a Fresno Title Company. Check … Continued

City of Fresno Code Enforcement ARTICLE

SELL YOUR PROBLEM TODAY…. 559-540-7007 Check out this article…. Looks like Fresno City Hall will have the new budget safely out of the way before it finally gets to the code enforcement appeal of the year. Independent Administrative Hearing Officer Michael Flores said Summerset Village Apartments owner Chris Henry and the city’s Code Enforcement Division … Continued

WE BUY HOUSES FRESNO …. What Does “We Buy House” mean????

We are a local real estate company that purchases distressed properties throughout Tulare and Fresno County.  We pay cash, pay closing cost and do not ask for repairs.  You can leave all your stuff behind and we will pay a moving company to get rid of it. All around Fresno you see signs that say… … Continued


Have you been wondering what to do if you need to sell your house fast?  High-Speed Properties CAN HELP YOU….559-540-7007. We are a real estate solution company who can help home owners in ANY situation who need to sell house fast any in Central California.  We can buy houses quickly because our offers are always … Continued

Fresno Property Management

Time for a property manager in Fresno.  If you are searching for Fresno Property Management to solve your problems…. think again. Do you really think a property manager will solve all your tenant problems? Sell your house TODAY, FOR CASH, QUICKLY…. CALL 559-540-7007 HSP  

California Eviction Process – Fresno Eviction Process

The eviction process in California can go on for several months.  During this period of time you will have loss rent and stress.  Review the Process to Evict a tenant here… This process is also know as UNLAWFUL DETAINER…. AVOID THIS AND SELL YOU HOUSE FOR CASH TODAY… CALL 559-540-7007   HSP    

City of Fresno is Tough On Slumlords

The word slumlords sounds like you are a bad person.  That is not always true.  The City of Fresno is Tough On Slumlords Check out this article….. Reason why your property might be a SLUM… You live out of town You were disabled and can not care for property  You are not financially capable of … Continued

City of Fresno Vacant Building Ordinance (VBO) Cash for House

The City of Fresno is cracking down on the # of vacant homes around Fresno.  The City has recently put a team together to create a list of all the vacant homes around Fresno.  The City of Fresno Vacant Building Ordinance for many years has never really been enforced… check this out…. City of Fresno … Continued